Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry with their eco-friendly and efficient performance. One of the most common questions regarding these innovative vehicles is, “Do electric cars use oil?” The straightforward answer is no. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, electric cars do not require motor oil. However, while the need for oil changes is eliminated, EVs still necessitate the management of specific fluids to ensure optimal performance and longevity.



What Fluids Do You Need to Change in Electric Vehicles?

As the proud owner of an electric car in San Jose or San Carlos, you won’t find yourself scheduling electric car oil changes. Instead, your attention should be directed toward maintaining other essential fluids:

  • Brake Fluid: Just like conventional vehicles, EVs utilize a braking system that relies on properly functioning brake fluid. Regular checks and potential fluid replacements are vital to ensure your braking system remains responsive and reliable, contributing to your safety on the road.
  • Transmission Fluid: Although electric cars do not have a conventional gearbox, they still feature a transmission that requires lubrication. Periodic transmission fluid checks and changes, as recommended in your owner’s manual, contribute to the efficient functioning of your EV’s transmission system.
  • Coolant: Electric vehicles utilize a cooling system to regulate the temperature of critical components, including the battery. Maintaining the proper level and quality of coolant is crucial to prevent overheating and maintain optimal performance.

Tire maintenance, including rotation and alignment, remains a routine part of EV upkeep. Whether it’s fluid checks or tire maintenance, our Toyota 101 service center in Redwood City simplifies the process with convenient online scheduling.

Electric Vehicle Parts 

Understanding the distinct components of an electric vehicle can empower you to make informed decisions about its care. While electric cars do not require oil changes, they rely on various intricate parts to deliver efficient and eco-friendly transportation:

Electric Motor:

  • Converts stored electricity into motion.
  • Magnets create torque for efficient acceleration.

Charging Infrastructure:

  • External charging ports for battery replenishment.
  • Vital for maintaining EV mobility.
  • Access charging stations in Redwood City and Belmont.

Traction Motors:

  • Turn vehicle wheels.
  • Ensure smooth acceleration and maneuvering.

Onboard Charger:

  • Converts AC power from charging stations to DC power.
  • Powers the vehicle’s systems.

DC-DC Converter:

  • Transforms high-voltage DC power from the battery.
  • Provides lower-voltage DC power for various vehicle systems.


  • Central to every EV.
  • Stores and supplies energy for the electric motor.

Thermal System:

  • Prevents overheating.
  • Manages temperatures in the motor and electronics.

Service Your EV at Toyota 101 in Redwood City

So, do electric cars need oil? For all the above reasons, electric vehicles skip traditional oil changes, which is a great perk. But don’t forget fluid checks, replacements, and other must-dos to keep your EV in shape. Our Toyota 101 team specializes in thorough EV care. Whether it’s brake fluid, transmission, or coolant, we’ve got you covered. Call 650-910-7720 to book a spot and explore our service deals for a smooth-running EV future.

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