Toyota 101
Toyota Financial Services Limited Warranty*

*Only on eligible vehicles, see your sales consultant for details

If a covered component fails during the first 3 months or 3,000 miles of ownership, we will correct the malfunction with no additional charge for parts or labor beyond a $0 deductible.*


All internal, lubricated parts
Crankshaft, main bearings and flywheel
Connecting rods and rod bearings
Pistons, rings and pins
Camshaft and bearings
Timing gears, chain, or belt and cover
Valves, lifts, springs, guide and pushrods
Engine block, cylinder heads and cylinder liners, if damaged by internal parts
Rocker arms, shafts and supports
Water pump, fuel pump, oil pump and vacuum pump
Rotary engine shaft, rotors, seals, bearings and case, if damaged by internal parts
Turbocharger housing, internal parts, valves, seals and gaskets
Fuel injection pump, sensors, control units and injectors
Oil pan, rocker arm covers and harmonic balancer
Oil consumption only if vehicle uses over 1 liter per 1,000 miles


All of the above parts, plus diesel fuel injection pump, injectors, lines, vacuum pump and electronic fuel control unit


All internal parts
Axle shafts
Drive shaft and constant velocity joints
Propeller shaft and constant velocity joints
Propeller shaft and U-joints
Bearings, shims, supports and caps
Ring gear, pinion gear and side gears
Keys, washers and spacers
Axle housing, if damaged by internal parts


All internal, lubricated parts
Locking hubs and locking rings
Axle shafts and constant velocity joints
Hubs, bearings and races
Keys, washers and spacers
Housing, if damaged by internal parts


Upper and lower control arms and shafts
Ball joints and bushings
Spindles, wheel bearings and races
King pins and bushings
Stabilizer bar, bushings and mountings
Springs and spring insulators
Tie rod and tie rod ends
Torsion bars
Pneumatic suspension pump, sensors, valves and suspension airbags
Hub, if damaged by bearings


Torque converter and internal parts
Pumps and servo units
Gears, bearings, shafts and pinions
Clutches and bands
Vacuum units
Pressure regulators and control valves
Governor and modulator
Transmission case, if damaged by internal parts
Transfer case, if damaged by internal parts
Transmission mounts


All internal parts
Bearings, shafts and forks
Gears, synchronizers and rings
Mechanical components within overdrive housing
Transmission case, if damaged by internal parts
Pins, springs, washers and keys
Transfer case, if damaged by internal parts


Rack and pinion assembly
Tie rods and tie rod ends
Idler arm and drag link
Steering shaft, gears and worm
Power steering pump, cylinder and control valve
Bearings, bushings and rollers
Shims, spacers and washers
Steering gear housing, if damaged by internal parts
Steering shaft coupling and pitman arm
Cooler and lines


Master cylinder and power booster
Wheel cylinders, lines and fittings
Disc brake calipers
Compensating valve
Backing plate
Self adjusters
Parking brake linkage and cables
Rear actuators
Seals and gaskets


Alternator or generator
Voltage regulator
Starter motor and solenoid
Windshield wiper motor, power seat motor and power window motors
Factory-installed electronic ignition module
Manually operated switches, rear window defogger and wiring harness
Distributor shaft and housing
Electric mirror motor and controls
Sunroof motor
Power door locks
Electric rear compartment switches
Horn button and horns
Turn signal switch
Wiper washer unit
Starter drive and ring gear


(Factory or Dealer installed only)
Condenser and evaporator
Receiver-dryer or accumulator
Fan or blower motors
Compressor, clutch and pulley
Power module
Heating ducts


Hood latch and cable
Trunk latch assembly
Door locks and assembly

* Schedule of Covered Items
-Coverage is for 3 Months or 3,000 Miles, whichever comes first, from Delivery Date and Mileage.
-Work to be done only in our shops
-Mileage limit: 80,000
-Deductible: $0 per covered item
Note: We are not responsible for towing. Seals and gaskets are not covered. Additional details available at Toyota 101.
Toyota 101 37.495181, -122.231340.