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Hybrid vs. Gas Cars:
Weighing The Pros and Cons For an Informed Decision on Your Next Vehicle

They’ve been on the road for some time and there are San Carlos drivers that swear by them. Hybrid vehicles have become a familiar presence over the past 20 years. Multiple automotive makers, including Toyota, have made their own. Often competing directly with gas-powered options, hybrid vs. gas has become a familiar topic. Many interested San Jose buyers often send in questions related to “Hybrid vs. gas car” or “Hybrid vs. gas cars pros and cons.” So what’s the difference and benefits?

As the hybrid vs. gas car debates continue, Toyota 101 is here to summarize what are the hybrid vs. gas cars pros and cons. Read on to learn more, including the Toyota Highlander hybrid vs. gas options. You can also browse our full inventory of EV and hybrid options.



Hybrid vs. Gas Car: What’s The Difference?

Before discussing hybrid vs gas cars pros and cons, we need to showcase what each of these vehicles are.

A traditional gas-powered vehicle uses unleaded gasoline to power its internal combustion system and drive wherever you want around Redwood City or Belmont. In contrast, hybrids live up to their name by fusing both a traditional combustion engine and electric drive technologies.

Most hybrids on the roads nowadays are considered “Parallel Hybrids” in that electric and gas motors are connected to the same transmission. Whether the vehicle is automatic, manual, or CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), they’re always linked together.

To create an effective fuel economy, both engines are working together and blend both power sources together.

In contrast, Series Hybrid vehicles have electricity as the sole source of power to the transmission. While the electric and gas motors are paired, it’s closed to a full-on electric vehicle. When comparing hybrid vs. gas, many buyers often end up selecting a parallel hybrid offering.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid vs Gas Vehicles Near San Jose

So now that we’ve summed up hybrid vs. gas cars, it’s time to showcase pros and cons. What gives hybrids the distinguishing marks and may compel you to choose them? Among the perks of hybrid vehicles:

  • Energy Efficiency: Merging a traditional gas motor and electric motors maximizes your fuel efficiency while driving San Carlos roadways. At the same time, regenerative braking can recapture energy lost when you have to brake. This leads to lower fuel consumption, less money spent at local gas stations, and fewer emissions.
  • Ownership Costs: Hybrid cars are actually available from a variety of prices, with many models on the lower end. At the same time, many states do have tax incentives for buying hybrids and electric vehicles. Also, check out our new vehicle specials to see if they are present.
  • Diverse Hybrid Options: In their initial offerings, hybrid vehicles were compact vehicles and offered fewer alternatives. Nowadays, the latest hybrid tech developments have allowed for high-performance and high-powered SUV hybrids. For instance, we might have a future piece covering Highlander Hybrid vs gas configurations online!

Yet, as with everything else, there are some cons when it comes to hybrid vehicle selections including:

  • Price: Available hybrid vehicles will cost more than traditional gas-powered vehicles. While you might save in fuel costs and with state incentives, the initial upfront sales or lease price will be higher.
  • Maintenance Costs: While a hybrid vehicle can have less service trips than gas-powered options, hybrid maintenance can be expensive. For example, a hybrid car battery replacement can cost upwards of $2,000 or more.
  • Hybrid Emission Rates: While more environmentally friendly, hybrids still produce emissions. If you’re interested in going towards something to further reduce your environmental footprint, an electric vehicle might be superior.

Test Drive a Hybrid Vehicle in San Jose With Toyota 101

Now that we’ve summed up everything in the hybrid vs. gas car debate, why not test drive one at Toyota 101? Call us at 650-881-3147 or contact online to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about financing or leasing, reach out to our finance center staff. We look forward to seeing you test drive a hybrid around Redwood City. See you soon!

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